Annual Notifications

Annual Notifications


Student Insurance Available

The Ravenna School District Board of Education recognizes that parents may have a need for insurance coverage for their children. Parents have an opportunity to purchase group accident and sickness insurance, at the expense of the parents. Participation is voluntary.  School districts are required to share this information.  If you are interested, please contact the school office within the first 75 days of the new school year or the first 75 days after enrollment for an application.  If you lose your present insurance coverage during the year, you will be eligible to purchase insurance at that time if needed.  Coverage is provided by Love Insurance Agency. For more information, please call the Attendance Office at Ravenna High School at 330-296-3844 or Love Insurance Agency directly at 440-975-0309. 

Emergency Notification

In the event of a school emergency or closing due to hazardous weather conditions or any other emergency situation, the automated phone messaging system will be used to contact parents/guardians.  The message will come to the phone number provided on the registration card (in Final Forms) at the beginning of the year.  If your phone number changes, please notify the school secretary.

Video Surveillance/Electronic Monitoring

The buildings, grounds, and vehicles of the Ravenna School District may be under video surveillance at any time.  The purpose of video surveillance is to protect Board property and assets from theft and vandalism, through deterrence and video documentation. The system is not designed nor intended to protect individuals from being victims of violent or property crimes, nor to detect other potentially illegal and undesirable activities that may occur, although information may be used as evidence in such cases. The Board recognizes that the use of a video surveillance/electronic monitoring system does not replace the need for the ongoing vigilance of the school staff assigned by the building principal to monitor and supervise the school. Rather, the video surveillance/electronic monitoring system serves as an appropriate and useful tool with which to augment or support the in-person supervision provided by staff. Questions about surveillance can be addressed by the building principal or Mr. Stephen York, Director of Business Operations, at 330-296-7159.

Student Records-Directory Information

The Ravenna Board of Education designates the following as directory information:  a student’s name; address; date of birth; major field of study; participation in officially-recognized activities and sports; height and weight, if a member of an athletic team; dates of attendance; date of graduation; and awards received.  Directory information shall not be provided to any organization for profit-making purposes.

Parents and adult students may refuse to allow the District to disclose any or all of such directory information upon written notification to the District within ten (10) days after receipt of the District’s public notice.  The request needs to be sent to Ben Ribelin, Director of Teaching and Learning, Ravenna School District, 507 E. Main St., Ravenna, OH  44266 or e-mailed to

In accordance with State law, the District shall release the names and addresses of students in grades ten through twelve (10-12) to recruiting officers for any branch of the United States Armed Forces who requests such information.  Such data shall not be released if the adult student or student’s parents submit a written request not to release such information to the assistant superintendent.

Whenever parental consent is required for the inspection and/or release of a student’s health or educational records or for the release of directory information, either parent may provide such consent unless agreed to otherwise in writing by both parents or specifically stated by court order.  If the student is under the guardianship of an institution, the Superintendent shall contact the institution and then appoint a person who has no conflicting interest to provide such written consent.

The district may disclose directory information on former students without student or parental consent.

Special Education

Special education means specially designed instruction, at no cost to the parent, to meet the unique needs of a handicapped child.  Special Education Programs are provided for all children who have a handicapping disability.  A disability in this instance means conditions such as:  hearing impairments, visual impairments, speech or language impairments, learning disabilities, multiple disabilities, other health impairments, physical impairments, autism, and traumatic brain injury.  Every handicapped child in Ohio is entitled to services provided by the school district in which they reside.  These services include:  evaluation services for all children birth through twenty one years, diagnostic services for all children birth through age twenty one years of age, and educational programs for children three through twenty one years of age.  If you know of a child who is handicapped or at risk and NOT receiving services, please call the Ravenna School District Special Services Office at 330-297-6708. 

Identification of Children Who Are Gifted

The Ravenna School District follows eligibility criteria as prescribed by the Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Department of Education to identify youngsters who are gifted.  The District identifies students in grades kindergarten through twelve that may be gifted in one or more of these areas:  superior cognitive ability, specific academic achievement, creative thinking ability, and/or the visual or performing arts.

All students’ standardized test scores and other school performance measures are reviewed to determine the need for gifted screening and identification.  In addition, parents, students, and/or teachers may recommend students for screening for possible identification.

If you have questions about the identification of youngsters as gifted in the Ravenna Schools, please contact Robin Worges, Gifted Program Coordinator at West Main Elementary School (330-296-6522 or e-mail: ).  

Suspension of Bus Riding/Transportation Privileges

Students on a bus or other authorized Board of Education transportation vehicles are under the authority of and directly responsible to the bus/vehicle driver. The driver has the authority to enforce the established regulations for bus/vehicle conduct. Disorderly conduct or refusal to submit to the authority of the driver will be sufficient reason for refusing transportation service to any student.


A student may be suspended from school bus/vehicle riding privileges for all or part of a school year for any violation of established regulations for bus conduct and/or for conduct occurring on the bus/vehicle in violation of the Student Code of Conduct/Student Discipline Code.


Before a suspension from bus/vehicle riding privileges is imposed, the Superintendent or other designated District personnel will provide a student with notice of an intended suspension and an opportunity to appear before the Superintendent or other designated District personnel. Disciplinary suspension periods will be commensurate with the infraction(s) committed as determined by the Superintendent or designated District personnel.


ESEA Waiver

On May 29, 2012, the United States Department of Education (USDE) granted the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) a waiver of several provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB). Important provisions of this waiver are available via this link.


Title I

Title I, as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESEA), provides financial assistance to local educational agencies (LEAs) and schools with high numbers or high percentages of children from low-income families to help ensure that all children meet challenging state academic standards. Federal funds are currently allocated to all of our four elementary schools based on census poverty estimates and the cost of education in each state.  The purpose of Title 1 funding is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high quality education and reach, at minimum, proficiency on challenging state academic achievement standards and state academic assessments.  Ravenna School District uses these funds to provide supplemental tutoring, reduce class sizes, provide family nights, and purchase reading and math materials.

Title I Teacher Qualifications

Under the federal education law, ESSA, parents of students in buildings that receive federal Title I money may request information regarding the professional qualifications of their child’s teachers. Information that may be requested includes whether or not the teacher has the state-required certification/licensing credential for his/her assignment and information relating to his/her college degrees and major areas of study. Carlin, West Main, Willyard, West Park and Brown Middle Schools receive Title I funds. To request information on the qualifications of the teacher(s) that work with your child, please contact the principal of your child’s school or Mr. Ben Ribelin, Director of Teaching and Learning, K-5 at the Ravenna Board of Education Office (330-296-9679).

Drug-Free Schools

In accordance with Federal Law, the Board of Education prohibits the use, possession, concealment, or distribution of drugs by students on school grounds, in school-approved vehicles, or at any school-related event. Drugs include any alcoholic beverage, anabolic steroid, dangerous controlled substance as defined by State statute, or substance that could be considered a "look-a-like" controlled substance. Compliance with this policy is mandatory for all students. Any student who violates this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, in accordance with due process and as specified in the student handbooks, up to and including expulsion from school. When required by State law, the District will also notify law enforcement officials.

The District is concerned about any student who is a victim of alcohol or drug abuse and will facilitate the process by which s/he receives help through programs and services available in the community. Students and their parents should contact the school principal or counseling office whenever such help is needed.

McKinney-Vento Homeless Children and Youth Program

This program is designed to make sure all homeless children and youth have equal access to the same free and appropriate public education as children and youth who are not homeless. This includes preschool education. A brochure has been published by the Ohio Department of Education to explain the rights of families. You may access the brochure through the following link.

Parent Guide to Rights of Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness

The Ravenna School District contact for information relating to homeless issues is Mr. Ben Ribelin, Director of Teaching and Learning, K-5 at the Ravenna Board of Education Office (330-296-9679).

Notice of Nondiscrimination and Grievance Procedures

The Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex (including sexual orientation and transgender identity), disability, religion, ancestry, age, military status, national origin, genetic information (collectively, “Protected Classes”), or any other legally protected category, in its programs, activities, or employment.

Any person that believes that s/he has been discriminated against or denied equal opportunity or access to programs or services may file a complaint, which shall be referred to as a grievance, with the District’s Civil Rights Coordinator, the Director of Teaching and Learning, K-5, Ravenna School District, 507 East Main Street, Ravenna, Ohio 44266. 330-296-9679, Ext. 3103. The individual may also, at any time, contact the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights, 600 Superior Avenue, Room 750, Cleveland, Ohio  44114.

Locker Search

All persons are hereby put on notice that lockers are the property of the Board of Education.  Lockers and the contents thereof are subject to random search at any time without regard to whether there is reasonable suspicion that any locker or its contents contain evidence of a violation of a criminal statute or school rule.

Copyright Officer

The Ravenna School District’s copyright officer is Mr. Jay Newcome, Ravenna School District Board of Education, 507 East Main Street, Ravenna, Ohio 44266. His contact information is below:



Ext. 3110






This is to notify parents, students, and employees of our compliance with the Federal Asbestos in Schools Program established under Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA). This act requires an asbestos information notice each year.

The Ravenna School District has developed asbestos management plans for every district-owned building. These plans, which are located in the office of each building, are available for review during normal school hours. The Management Plans detail "response actions" necessary at each building.

In compliance to AHERA Law (40) CFR Part 763.84 an initial and complete inspection of all of our buildings was made before the October 13, 1988 deadline, with periodic inspections as well as triennial re-inspections as required thereafter. Our district retained Robert Repas, LTD. to conduct inspections and re-inspections of all our buildings, as required under AHERA law. Their accredited inspectors not only checked the condition of the asbestos, but reassessed operations and maintenance procedures that will keep this material in a safe condition.

To protect the health of students and staff from asbestos in the schools, the AHERA Law (40) CFR Part 763.84 requires that we name a person to be responsible for all asbestos control. This person must ensure that the district abide by all requirements of federal, state, and local government regarding asbestos responsibility. Mr. William Wisniewski, Director of Business Operations, is the person responsible in our district.


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The Ohio Department of Education soon will make changes in the way it monitors, enforces and publicizes Ohio school districts’ compliance with the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which ensures a free, appropriate public education to students with disabilities. The actions result from the partial settlement of a class action lawsuit. For details, read the legal consent order and related public notice.