April 2014

April 4, 2014

Happy Friday Ravenna Staff!                                                                      

As I make my way around the district and pop in to various classrooms, I am so pleased to see the direct instruction and time on task that is occurring in our classrooms.  I would encourage all of us to continue to move our students forward as we enter in to this critical period of state testing.  I understand the demands that are placed on the teaching staff and especially our students.  Our students do deserve the very best from each of us every day as all of you have such a direct, important influence on our young people’s lives.  Please continue your good work!

 Also, to be sure that I, along with our district and building leadership teams are communicating with everyone, I would like to refer each of you to the District Leadership Web Page.  Please navigate from the staff page to the various building pages.  Understand that the work being done by our leadership teams is critical to the consistency of our district and building work.  All of you have heard me talk numerous times about the importance of all of us being together in everything that we do.  Please take a few minutes to look at the meeting notes and goals.

April 11, 2014

Happy Friday Ravenna Staff!                                                                   

Well, after several trial runs at the “pilot” PARCC and AIR tests, we are starting to know what we did not know several weeks ago relative to what the on-line testing would look like.  I want to applaud our administrators (especially Steve and Lee) for all of their efforts to make this gigantic task as painless as it has been.  Also, thank you teachers and staff for working diligently through the training pieces and being able to administer, explain and assist our students with fidelity.  As I have hopefully, successfully preached from the day I came to Ravenna almost three years ago, we are truly in this together.  We are going to get limited help from outside entities.  We need to continue to lean and rely on each other.  And, although at times, we are all stressed and “maxed out”, we need to be kind and gentle as we are all going through similar experiences.  

I hope that everyone has a restful or productive weekend!  Rest well!

April 17, 2014

Happy Easter Weekend Ravenna Staff!

I hope everyone has an opportunity to enjoy and reflect on this Easter Holiday.  May the spirit of the season be with all of you and your families.

April 25, 2014

Happy Friday Ravenna Staff!

I hope that everyone is as comfortable as you can get gearing up for the OAA’s.   I understand the amount of hard work, stress and worrying that goes on in the times leading up to the standardized tests (remember, I am married to a teacher!).  However, as I walk through classrooms, I also see the creative lessons, engagement, rapport, dedication and the amount of pride that all of you have in everything that you do.  I see it in the classroom from teachers, in the cafeteria from our food service folks, our custodians, maintenance, bus drivers and aides.  I am proud to be the educational leader of this school district!

Rest well as we still have quite a push to the end of the school year!