August 2012

August 24, 2012

Welcome Back Ravenna Staff!                                                                                  

It’s hard to believe that almost twelve weeks of summer are in the books.  It seems like yesterday that I was preparing to make my first impression on new staff, students and community and here we are ready to kick off a new school year on Monday!

I am very excited to have the opportunity to build on some of our accomplishments from the past year and I am especially excited about several of the strong building blocks that we now have in place as a result of administrative and staff initiatives.  I truly believe that my message and philosophy about strong academic programming and opportunity for all children to be successful is trickling down throughout the district and the community.  Research tells us that it takes three to five years for meaningful, sustainable change to show results.  I choose 3 years!

Faith (year 1) – The belief that proper personnel, programming and processes have been identified and made a priority in order to implement appropriate, necessary change.

Focus (year 2) – Direct work with specific goals, timelines and measurable outcomes are a priority.  Actual data and information are used to improve identified areas of weakness.

Finish (year 3) – As a result of data driven decision making, student performance and other critical processes have documented improvements.

I Hope everyone is rested and ready!  Our students are “hitting the doors” on Wednesday!  I am looking forward to seeing everyone Monday morning!


August 31, 2012
Happy Friday Ravenna Staff!    

The first few days of school are always so exhausting!  Congratulations to all of us for a relatively smooth opening to the new school year!  I will once again comment how proud and happy I am of our staff’s professionalism.  As I move around from building to building I can see the dedication and determination that all of our staff exhibits.  VERY IMPRESSIVE!

Rest well this long, holiday weekend as Tuesday will be here before we know it and we will be back with our students.  Routines and expectations will have been communicated and the challenging task of teaching and learning begins in full force!  Have a restful or productive weekend!