August 2013

August 26, 2013

Welcome Back Ravenna Staff!                                                                                     

It’s hard to believe that almost twelve weeks of summer are in the books.  It seems like yesterday that I was preparing to make my first impression on new staff, students and community and here we are ready to kick off our third school year together tomorrow!

I am very excited for all of us to have the opportunity to build on several of our accomplishments from the previous two years.  I am especially excited about several of the strong building blocks that we now have in place as a result of administrative and staff initiatives.  I truly believe that my message and philosophy about strong academic programming and opportunity for all children to be successful is trickling down throughout the district and the community.  Research tells us that it takes three to five years for meaningful, sustainable change to show results.  I choose 3 years!

Faith (year 1) – The belief that proper personnel, programming and processes have been identified and made a priority in order to implement appropriate, necessary change.

Focus (year 2) – Direct work with specific goals, timelines and measurable outcomes are a priority.  Actual data and information are used to improve identified areas of weakness.

Finish (year 3) – As a result of data driven decision making, student performance and other critical processes have documented improvements.

Although we made great gains on paper this past academic year as documented by our letter grades on the “new” report card (3 A’s, 5 C’s and 1 F), and our students are performing at a higher level than they ever have (compared to the “old” report card) I would still implore all of us to continue to work hard and continue to raise the bar and expect a great deal from our students and each other.

I hope everyone has a great first day tomorrow and I look forward to seeing each of you as well as our 2,900 or so students!  Rest well!

August 27, 2013

Happy First Day of School Ravenna Staff!                                                                              

As I walked around each of the buildings throughout the district, I was once again amazed at the dedication and professionalism of our staff.  From the cafeteria crew to the secretaries, educational aides, administrators, custodians and teachers, I am very proud of our school district! I hope everyone was able to have a relatively smooth day as we all begin to settle into routines.

I did want to let everyone know that we will be bringing back “jeans day” every Friday.  This is a change from last year where staff had the option to wear jeans on pay day Friday.  I would invite each staff member to wear jeans every Friday this year for the low price of $2 per day.  Half of the money will be donated to the charity of each building’s choice and the other half will go into our levy campaign fund.  As always, if you choose to wear jeans on Friday, I would ask that they be in good taste and also that you wear some sort of Ravenna shirt.  Each building is responsible for collecting and depositing money with the Treasurer’s office.

I hope everyone has a great remainder of the week!

August 30, 2013

Happy Friday Ravenna Staff!                                                                                                       

One week down, 35 to go! (“Rough estimate!”).  I hope that everyone has found renewed energy and vigor after the first four days with students!  I personally am always excited to get back into school and routine.  I wanted to provide some additional and repeated information as we head into “full school mode” next week:

 Here are the links from last Friday:

My power point will be on my web page within the next week or so.

Report Card information and next “rankings”:

This is the easiest link (surprised it’s not from ODE?) to check out the nine graded areas on district report cards from around the state.  You could also check your home district if you do not live in Ravenna.  There are also a set of school district “rankings” (1-611) that are coming out today.  If you recall from last year, we were 542 out of 611.  I am excited about our improvement this year!

Stadium Project Update:   With the exception of the track being lined, the new scoreboard being installed and all signage being displayed, the project is done.  Please plan on joining all of us on Friday, September 13th for the celebration with the community.  We will be having a “whiteout” on our side of the stands that night.  Please wear your white Ravenna t-shirt.  Kristin Stonestreet will be selling additional shirts for family members and students during lunches for only $5.  We will also make shirts available to the MS and ES students.  I will continue to communicate details about this event for the next few weeks.  Very Exciting!

First Event on the New Blue Turf:  This honor goes to the boys and girls soccer teams this Saturday evening!  We are happy to host as many events as possible in our beautiful facility.

Levy Information:   We will be having a levy meeting on Monday, 9-9-13 at 6:00 p.m. in the community room.  We would like as many staff members as possible to attend.  I have several community members who have stepped forward and are helping.  If you are interested in helping, please e-mail me so that we can get better organized.  I will be putting additional information in everyone’s hands in the near future so that we can tell our story the public.  Thank you in advance for your help!

Have a great weekend!