November 2011

November 4, 2011
Hello Ravenna Staff: Although we have had numerous exciting “non-academic” events the last several weeks (Halloween, football, etc…), we must stay true to our task and mission. What greater reminder than the ending of the first quarter. It’s hard to believe that we already have been in school for more than two full months. We have already had a round of third grade, OAA testing for reading as well as our Fall OGT administration. Time truly waits for no one. I would encourage each of you as professionals and integral parts of a very important team to continue to gain knowledge, share expertise and stay positive with our very important “precious commodities”. Many of them can certainly be a challenge at times, but I would urge all of us to be patient and reflect often as to the reason why we chose this profession. The weather is supposed to be beautiful all weekend! Enjoy the time with family and friends!

November 11, 2011
Hello Ravenna Staff: Between Veteran’s Day (today) and Election Day (Tuesday), perhaps one more opportunity for all of us to reflect on all of the blessings and wonderful opportunities that we all have in our lives. We truly do live in the greatest country in the world! As the season continues to change and the school year marches on, I would encourage each of us to also reflect on the daily accomplishments we enjoy with our students, yet be mindful of the numerous challenges which await us. Embrace these challenging and ever changing times in a positive, collaborative and productive manner. Enjoy the weekend!

November 18, 2011
Happy Friday Ravenna Staff! I’m not sure if the “Happy Friday” is more for my benefit or yours! It’s been an interesting and challenging several weeks! As I am becoming more acclimated and comfortable in the district, I hope that the staff is also getting a clear picture of who I am, what I am passionate about and what type of leader I am. Certainly we are all human and it is tough to be on top of our game 24/7, but I hope that you find me consistent, approachable and friendly. Please know that all of my decisions are based on the best interest of the students and the organization. Having said that, I would like to invite all staff members to a “special” Board of Education meeting this Monday, November 21, 2011 at 6:00 p.m. in the High School Auditorium. We will be making an announcement regarding the “Old Ravenna High School”. The meeting should not last more than an hour and I will be happy to answer any questions regarding the announcement. My goal is to provide the staff with information so that you do not have to read it in the newspaper. As always, I am available via telephone or e-mail. I hope everyone has a restful weekend! Enjoy a few days off!

November 23, 2011
Happy Thanksgiving Ravenna Staff: May all of you, your friends and family have a happy, restful and joyous Thanksgiving holiday weekend!