October 2011

Hello Ravenna Staff, “Happy Homecoming” to all! What a great week! Please encourage your children and all of our children to celebrate school and life in an appropriate, safe way. I hope everyone had an exciting week! Have a great weekend and try to take advantage of the weather!

Hello Ravenna Staff, I have to apologize for not being timely with this e-mail. Time simply escaped me! I hope this finds each of you either relaxing today or reading this correspondence on Monday after having had an exciting or restful, long weekend! Please note two very important philanthropic opportunities for staff members. First of all is a final reminder about our district United Way drive. We will be closing the drive on Wednesday, October 19, 2011. Thank you. Secondly is related to our school and community “friendly” rivalry with Kent.

Attached is an opportunity to support a very worthwhile cause. Our Gridiron Club, in conjunction with the Ravenna High School Football Team, is emotionally and financially supporting a young cancer victim from the Kent High School Football Team, Ryan Anderson. At the bottom of my e-mail is a cut and pasted story and the challenges that Ryan faces as well as an opportunity for you, your family and friends to purchase a t-shirt to help support Ryan. Our goal as a school and community is to present the family with a financial donation from Ravenna on the night of the game. We are also hoping to fill the stadium with these white t-shirts in support of Ryan. If you are so inclined, please read the information below and contact Kristin Stonestreet (Teacher at RHS and representative for the Gridiron Club) to participate in this community wide event. If you will be purchasing t-shirts, please place the order with Kristin ASAP are there is lead time in printing additional t-shirts. Thank you and I look forward to seeing and working with each of you.

Click here to read more about Ryan and to listen to the radio interview with the Ravenna and Kent football coaches.

Hello Ravenna staff: This coming “rivalry” week is set to be an exciting week for the students, teachers and community of Ravenna! I hope you had a great week this past week! Hold on, the excitement is already in the air! As educators of the “whole child”, we understand the importance and significance of our students getting involved in extra curricular activities. Weather it be band, choir, academic challenge, student government , athletics or any of the other numerous activities that are offered to our students, I hope we can all find it in us to support these young people as they figure out their place in this complicated world. Have a great weekend!

“It’s right to be a Raven”. I like it!

Hello Ravenna Staff: Although it is not Friday, I would like to share some very exciting news with the staff. As part of the activities, community and school support for the Ravenna/Kent rivalry week, Coach Jim Lunardi and Coach John Nemec (Kent HS head football coach) will be interviewed tomorrow, Thursday, 10-27-11 at 6:30 a.m. on 1100 am WTAM by Bill Wills on the “Wills and Snyder” show. The focus of the interview will center around both communities “Teaming up for a Cause” and helping out Ryan Anderson. If you recall, Ryan is the young Kent Roosevelt student-athlete who is battling cancer. Both schools have fund raised thousands of dollars as a show of support for Ryan and his family. Our plan is to “capture” the interview and e-mail it as a pod cast to the staff so that you may listen to the interview at your leisure. As adults and role models, we are proud to show compassion and an understanding that some lessons in athletics and extra curricular activities can spill over to real life. Please stand with me and show support for this wonderful community outpouring of togetherness! Have a great rest of the week!

Hello Ravenna Staff: I hope everyone who wanted to listen to the WTAM interview yesterday had the opportunity to do so. Thank you for your patience! News Channel 5 has also picked up the story and will be airing a short interview with Coach Lunardi and myself on the “Live on Five” show today, sometime during the 5:00 p.m. hour. They will follow that broadcast with some footage of the presentation of the check to the Ryan Anderson family from the pregame tonight. That piece will air either tonight at 11 or sometime over the weekend. I would like to send a general thank you to everyone in our school community for your generosity and time with this endeavor. Many people have been essential to the success of this endeavor and it is truly a reflection of what a great school community we have in Ravenna. We have much to be proud of! See you at the game tonight!

It’s right to be a RAVEN!