September 2011

Well, the first few days are in the books! I wanted to take a moment and say what an enjoyable week I had. I thought the first two days of meetings and preparation went well. I enjoyed circulating around the buildings and watching the “hustle and bustle” as everyone professionally went about preparing for the arrival of the students. It was also a pleasure to see the staff interact with students as well as parents on the first few school days. I additionally wanted to thank the numerous staff members who I have had the opportunity to talk to and get acquainted with. Ravenna truly is a special place and I am looking forward to an exciting, productive year! Have a great, long weekend! Dennis Several people had asked for the link to Dalton Sherman’s keynote speech from 2008. Enjoy!

Click here for the link!

Hello Ravenna Staff: Although we have not yet had a full five day week with students yet, I sense that all are in a good routine and are beginning to get into the “meat” of instruction. I am enjoying my time in the buildings and interacting with the staff and students. As I briefly touched on in my presentation August 29th, I believe that public education is really at a crossroads and pivotal time. I believe that this is a “perfect storm” and an opportunity for us to unite as educators not only across the state, but even more so within the Ravenna School District. Let us embrace this opportunity together to prove that public education is the best option for EVERY child. Let us collaborate and get outside of our comfort zones and together figure out how we can increase student achievement for every child. I understand that there are numerous variables that serve as stumbling blocks, but let us together overcome these obstacles and all be part of something special in the Ravenna School District! I hope that everyone has a restful or productive weekend!

Hello Ravenna Staff: I am out of the district this Thursday and Friday participating in Leadership Portage County but still wanted to drop a note and wish everyone a restful weekend. As I gather more information, meet more staff and make casual observations throughout the district, I am even more excited about meeting the challenges of giving every one of our Ravenna students a quality, 21st century education. I hope everyone had a great week! Enjoy your family time!

Hello Ravenna Staff: I hope that everyone had a good week! After being “on the job” for several weeks, I truly believe that this year is going to be a great year for staff and especially students. I encourage all of us to continue to be positive and consistent with our mission. Have a restful and productive weekend!

Hello Ravenna Staff, Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a productive week. It’s hard to believe that the fall season is upon us already. I hope everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the weekend with family and friends! It’s a great day to be a Raven!