Fifteen Things


15 Things Your Child Should Know for Kindergarten…

  1. Say his or her first and last name when asked.
  2. Recognize and correctly write his or her name.  Lowercase letters are highly encouraged.
  3. When looking at a book, your child should hold the book correctly, turn the pages correctly, and tell what is happening in the pictures.
  4. Identify colors in the basic box of 8 crayons.
  5. Count to 20.
  6. Use a correct pencil and scissor grip.
  7. Ask for help when he or she needs it.
  8. Use the restroom independently, including washing hands and fastening pants.  Children should be potty trained coming into kindergarten.  NO DIAPERS OR PULL UPS.
  9. Identify shapes: circle, triangle, rectangle and square.
  10. Be able to sit and listen to a story attentively.
  11. Make predictions about what will happen next in a story.
  12. Practice writing letters using correct letter formation on blank paper.
  13. Count sets of objects to 10.
  14. Draw a picture and use it to tell a story to an adult.
  15. Practice saying words that rhyme.