Electives Fair

Feb 16, 2022


Scheduling season is in full swing at Ravenna High School.  Along with the core classes of math, English, science, and social studies, students have the opportunity to choose from over 30 elective courses.  Ravenna High School students are already choosing which classes they would like to take next year.  To make the decision, an electives fair was held at RHS where students had the opportunity to look at displays and speak to other students who have already taken the class.  Teachers get creative to advertise and inform students about all of the classes RHS has to offer.  Along with holding an electives fair, a fun way to grab student interest is to hang flyers around the building. Some of the most popular electives are listed below.  

Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Italian
The History of Rock and Roll, Hip Hop
Advanced Technology for design (engineering)
Woodworking, Metal Working
Planning for Life on Your Own, Child Development
Service Learning, Relating to Others
Foods and Fitness, Advanced Cooking, Global Cuisine
College and Career Success Skills
Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Entrepreneurship
Computer Applications for Professionals, Accounting, Business Management
Ceramics, Drawing and Painting, Digital Media

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