Preparing for Life on Your Own

Feb 16, 2022


Students in Ravenna High School’s “Preparing for Life On Your Own” (OYO) class are getting hands-on, real world experience with the federal 1040 tax form.  After a series of lessons on “Teens and Taxes,” students were given W-2s for some fictitious young adults and all  relevant tax information (charitable donations, 1099 forms, bank earning statements, etc;) which they used to complete their practice.  Students evaluated the different ways of filing taxes, and were NOT surprised to find out that tax filers made 1.9 MILLION math mistakes on 2019 filings!   A common exclamation in class was “Why are taxes so complicated?” Good question, Ravens!  Good question!   “Preparing for Life On Your Own” (OYO)   is an RHS elective class open to any upperclassmen.

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