Visual Phonics Program

The Visual Phonics program is being used daily in the preschool classrooms. This program was originally designed for older children with apraxia of speech to help them produce their speech sounds accurately and at a rate similar to that of their peers. A happy coincidence was that the students’ letter and sound knowledge improved greatly which then impacted their reading skills in a positive manner. The motions were designed with input from an occupational therapist to help with crossing mid-line, using two hands together, and coordinating other body movements in conjunction with producing the sounds. Several of the motions used by our preschoolers are different from the original motions, but maintain the integrity of the original motion while being more transparent to the preschoolers.

Mrs. Bungo participated in a training provided by the developer of the program, Margo Kinzer Courter, MBA, MA, CCC-SLP. The entire preschool staff has also been trained in the visual phonics program. Additional materials are available on her website,

There are two videos included on this page. The first is an instructional video presented by Mrs. Bungo with the actual phrases and directions given to the preschoolers as they are learning the sounds and motions.

The second is a practice video that the children can use to practice at home with Mrs. Bungo. However,

they can practice without the video by using alphabet flashcards, letters written on sticky notes, or letters written on paper. The key to the program is to have the letter available.

Once the children are proficient with the sounds and motions, the order of the letters can be mixed up. This will help the children learn to focus on the actual letter and not just memorize the order. Please don’t worry if the motions are not precise, being “close” is acceptable.

Visual Phonics – Instructional Video.mp4

Visual Phonics – Practice Video.mp4