Welcome to Ravenna Preschool! We are proud to offer a 5-star rated preschool program for residents of the Ravenna School District. 

The Ravenna Preschool program consists of children with developmental disabilities and general education community kids who serve as models of language, behavior and play skills. Children do have to be toilet trained to join our program. To enroll in our program, students must be:

  • residents of the Ravenna School District
  • at least 3 years of age

Our program is in session Monday through Thursday. Our morning class runs from 8:30-11:30 and our afternoon class runs from 12:30-3:30. Tuition is $120 a month. We have a grant through the Ohio Department of Education that provides a reduced tuition rate to families who qualify. 

The preschool bus is only available to preschoolers with confirmed disabilities. Parent transportation is required for any preschooler in our program who is placed as a general education community kid. 

The first step to preschool enrollment is to fill out the pre-enrollment form.

Click here to complete the pre-enrollment form.

Once this form has been submitted to the preschool, you will receive a call to schedule a screening appointment. Additional information about registration or other questions about our program can be answered at the screening appointment. 

Feel free to call the preschool with any questions about our program!