Superintendent’s Office

Dr. Laura Hebert

Dr. Laura Hebert


January, 2023

Hello Ravenna Community!

Happy New Year!  As we enter the second part of the school year, I want to provide you with an update on our exciting plans, initiatives and programs that make the Ravenna School District a unique, comprehensive, and competitive school district – one in which your child will be engaged, enlightened, educated, and even entertained!  

We have started creating our Strategic Plan – one that will provide structure to our goals for the next three to five years.  Our new Mission Statement, while still in development, will read like this:

Ravenna, an inclusive learning community, embracing diversity and equipping all students for success.  Each child, every day, one step at a time.

Our vision statement, also under construction, will highlight the following:

The Ravenna School District:

To Learn,

To Love,

To Serve, 

To Succeed.

Each child, every day, one step at a time.

You will notice that we are stating, unequivocally, that the RSD is committed to your child – the whole child.  We focus on the individual needs of each child so that they are able to succeed as they transition from grade to grade, and on to post-secondary endeavors.  We are partnering with parents, community members, business partners and school staff to create a plan that is strategic and attainable.  Our overarching goal is to support our students, and a Strategic Plan is the best way to achieve that goal!

We are also addressing the most recent results of the Ohio School Report Card.  While not achieving at the level that we want, there were some bright spots, including the success of our West Main 3rd graders!  Still, we understand that attendance and engaged students who are behaving in such a way to make learning possible is the only way we can achieve student success.  This formula (Attendance + Behavior = AChievement or, A + B = C) is guiding our work as we collaborate to combat disproportionate discipline, chronic absenteeism, and lower than desired scores on standardized tests.  This focus, combined with our Strategic Plan will create an environment where EVERY child will have the opportunity to be successful – academically, socially, and emotionally.  


Dr. Laura Hebert