Dear Parents,

I am looking forward to another great school year at West Main. Our district focus this year is Attendance + Behavior = Achievement. We will be focusing on improving in all three areas this year. 

We have an attendance initiative to encourage students to be in school every day. Our goal is to achieve 90% daily attendance both individually and collectively. All students will be rewarded when we reach certain milestones with 90% attendance. Individually, we will recognize all students with 90% attendance at the end of each grading period. 
For behavior, we will continue to teach the Raven Way: Respectful, Responsible and In Control. Students can earn Character Cash and Ride with Pride tickets for demonstrating these traits. They can redeem them each week for prizes from the Character Cash Cart. We believe these are important character traits for school and life, and we will celebrate students who demonstrate these traits. 
Our students did a great job of demonstrating growth on their state tests last year. We want to continue that trend this year. Our teachers will provide enrichment and intervention every day throughout the year to ensure our students are prepared to perform well in the classroom and on the state tests. 
I am thankful to be working in such a great building in a district dedicated to putting students first. I appreciate the support from the families and community, and I look forward to working with all of you to help our children grow and succeed. 
Thank you, 
Sean Daugherty
West Main Elementary