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New Athletic Conference Discussions Continue 

(April 15, 2019) - On Monday, April 15, superintendents of the eight schools that make up the Portage Trail Conference's (PTC) Metro Division met to discuss leaving their current athletic league and forming a new conference.

The superintendents-representing Cloverleaf, Coventry, Field, Norton, Ravenna, Springfield, Streetsboro and Woodridge-unanimously agreed to move forward with the process together,

ough there are still a number of decisions to be made in terms of the new structure.

The group remains fully committed to continuing their relationships with and participation in the Portage Trail Conference for the 2019-2020 school year. Implementation of the new conference will likely take place at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year.

"The ultimate reason for considering this new conference is for the benefit of the students in our schools with a focus on education-based athletics," said Superintendent Dana Addis, Norton City Schools. "We want to give our student athletes the chance to grow beyond athletics as individuals, allowing them to form new friendships, become ambassadors for their schools, develop their character and engage in new leadership opportunities."

The eight superintendents have been meeting to discuss their vision for the new conference. During the meetings, the superintendents carried out an audit of the current PTC bylaws and engaged in a collaborative analysis based on their combined decades of experience.

As part of the group's due diligence, the superintendents had developed a communications plan to announce their intentions. However, an unfortunate leak occurred that shared the news, misrepresenting the superintendents' collective goals.

The superintendents affirm the new conference would not preclude their students from competing with the PTC County Division schools or other local leagues.

Rather, the establishment of a new conference will create opportunities for students that were previously not occurring, including the ability to gain more recognition locally. The new conference will also allow for some reorganization, the hiring of a third-party commissioner, and increasing the hiring pool of more local officials.

Genius Projects Created at BMS for STEAM Challenge

Canton’s Cultural Center sponsors an annual STEAM challenge for middle school students in grades 6-8 in Stark, Portage, and Summit county schools. Traditionally, STEM studies include science, technology, engineering and medicine. STEAM adds an "A" for arts! This year’s STEAM mission was called “Alpha Expedition.” 5 groups of students opened boxes on February 4th to discover this year’s challenge and materials. With a pretend budget of $300 and a cost list for materials supplied in the box, students set out to create an Earth biome for a newly discovered planet with similar, but different environmental characteristics to Earth. Students had to create their environment, a dome to represent their research facility for a 9-week research expedition, a 3-Dimensional morphed animal that represents at least 3 different actual animals from their biome, and a 9-entry journal to represent 9 weeks of research observations about their biome and animal. Engineering is important as students had to decide how to create a dome that could withstand a firm pressure applied to its top at the competition. During the 5th week, students opened a “mystery challenge” to add to their projects. The mystery challenge required students to research simple machines and incorporate 2 or more within their dome that actually worked and served a purpose. All work was planned by students within the restraints of their materials and budget. Math was used to create scale drawings and to meet rubric requirements to keep their domes within a 6-12” radius. Students learned a lot, enjoyed and struggled to work as teams to reach the goals of the project. On April 11th, students will go to the Canton Cultural Center to display and present one project that represents the best work from our school. This “Genius Rally” includes judging, a chance for the kids to see other schools’ projects for ideas, many activities, music, pizza, and even a gift. This is a fun activity that Brown Middle School plans to continue each year.


Book Tournament Motivates Students to READ!!!

Every year in March, Ms. Tilden, 2nd grade teacher, creates a large "March Madness" bracket of 16 books in her hallway at West Main Elementary.  The books are read by guest readers such as Mr. Honkala, Superintendent, administrators from around the district and staff members at West Main.  Some readers opt to choose their own book and it gets very competitive!  The students make their prediction on which book will win and the books typically are ones the students haven't read yet.  Two readers come in each day and read their book.  Then Ms. Tilden's students vote on their favorite one!  That one moves on in the tournament.  They go all the way down to the final book and the students then make a trophy with the book cover on it and  "award" the winning guest reader with a trophy of their own!  The winning book for this year was The Widow’s Broom read by guest reader, Laura Shaw.  The students enjoy all of the stories and the motivation to read that they receive from the tournament is unbelievable!  Way to go, West Main!  


BMS Students Shine at Solo & Ensemble Contest

Kudos to the nine (9) students that traveled to Stanton Middle School in Kent this past Saturday, to participate in the OMEA District VI Middle School Solo & Ensemble Adjudicated Event.  Overall, Brown Middle School earned four (4) Superior Ratings and four (4) Excellent Ratings.  WAY TO GO, RAVENS!!!

8th - Paige Chinn - Superior (I) - Flute Solo
8th - Kirsten Seman - Superior (I) - Piano Solo
8th - Reese Johnston - Superior (I) - Flute Solo
8th - Klareese Campbell - Superior (I) - Tenor Saxophone Solo
8th - Rebecca Stratton - Excellence (II) - Trumpet Solo
7th - Tanya Hager - Excellence (II) - Mezzo Soprano Solo
8th - Maleah Sawastuk - Excellence (II) - Bassoon Solo
8th - BMS Flute Quartet - Excellence (II) (Haylee Markijohn, Abbi Smith-Richards, Paige Chinn, Reese Johnston)

Adon Tell Commits to California University of PA

Congratulations to RHS senior Adon Tell who has committed to California University of PA!  CU
 is a public, four-year university located in southwest Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh.  As a Vulcan, he will play NCAA Division II football in the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference.  Adon's accomplishments include 
2018 Region 6 OHSFCA Art Treynor Player of the Year, 2018 Hog Award Defense (Team Award) and 2018 Portage Trail Conference Metro First Team Defensive Lineman. Congratulations, Isaiah!

Arts of Excellence Reception Held at Board Office

On Wednesday, April 10th, several of Ravenna School District's talented young artists were honored with a reception at the Board of Education Office.  These students, their families and many RSD teachers and administrators attended.  Ten new art pieces created by students in kindergarten through 12th grade will be displayed there for the coming year.  


Mrs. Popelmayer Selected as NHS Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to RHS English teacher, Mrs. Christina Popelmayer, for being voted the RHS National Honor Society Teacher of the Year!  Mrs. Popelmayer was recognized at a staff meeting and will be celebrated at the NHS Spring Luncheon on April 30, 2019.


RHS Drama Club Students Shine in Spring Performance

The RHS Drama Club proudly presented "Dilemmas with Dinner" by Robin Roberts on April 8th and 9th in the Ravenna High School Auditorium.