Harvey Warner

Special Honorary Achievement

When I was born in 1930, times were very different in small town Ashley, Ohio. We made do with what we had. Everything was homemade – our food, our clothes, our cars, games, everything. But we were happy.

I’ve grown up a firm believer in the educational and learning process. As a seventh generation educator in the Warner Clan, I’ve had many relatives who were educators. My father was a superintendent for 44 years and my mother taught history for 45 years. My wife Lucy taught 32 years, 26 of those in Ravenna. Both Lucy and I have Masters Degrees. Son Harvey has a Masters from The Cleveland Institute of Music. Son Scott has a Doctorate from the University of Michigan. Son David has a Masters from KSU. All 3 sons are graduates of Ravenna High.

I was hired in 1967 as an assistant principal at Rausch Elementary. The next year I moved to West Park and the year after that I went back to Rausch as principal. In 1974, I was named principal of the new Willyard Elementary School.

Children were constantly reminded to have pride in themselves, their schoolwork, and how they treated one another. Each year for 26 years, we took a major class trip to a national landmark.

During my time as principal, I wrote over $900,000 in grants for our schools. In 1988, with the help of faculty, staff, and parents, this money was used to establish the first Computer Lab for elementary
students in the state of Ohio. All teachers, K-6, set up a schedule and taught computers to their class using programs related to class subject matter.

We were also able to develop a before-and-after school Latch Key program for children who went home to an empty house. Grant money also enabled us to create a preschool program which became a segment of the Ravenna Child Care Center.

Any success I’ve had during my time in Ravenna can be credited to the great people I’ve worked with including faculty, staff, parents, and especially my students.

I dedicate this award to them.

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