Al Hodge

Cultural/Performing Arts

A 1930 graduate of Ravenna High School Al Hodge went on to graduate from Miami University where he majored in drama. Following graduation from Miami, Al moved to Detroit, Michigan, where he starred as the Green Hornet for eight years on radio station WKYZ. He also directed such hit shows as the “Challenge of the Yukon” and “The Lone Ranger”. After moving to New York City, Al became known as the star of the most successful television series “Captain Video and his Video Rangers”. For six years, from 1950-1955, he was “the hero” for millions of kids around the United States. Power House Candy Bars were the main sponsor for Captain Video. In 1956, Al hosted the Captain Video Cartoon Show featuring the antics of Popeye and Betty Boop. During Al’s days as Captain Video, he starred with such regulars as Tony Randall, Jack Klugman, Arnold Stang and Ruth White. All of the kids of the 1950’s, and all of Ravenna will always remember Al Hodge (Captain Video) as he rocketed from planet to planet defending justice, truth and freedom throughout the Universe. For all of Ravenna, Al Hodge, our own Captain Video, will always remain as one of our stars in the Universe. Al died in New York City in 1979 at the age of sixty-six. We miss him!

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