Brent Webb

Cultural/Performing Arts

After graduating from Ravenna High School in 1993, Brent spent one semester at Kent State before deciding to run away with the circus. Brent performed his illusion act for several seasons, making showgirls appear, disappear, float in the air, and change into a variety of animals. After a few years as a co-owner of the show, Brent purchased “The American All Star Circus,” which toured the country for forty weeks a year, playing a different town every day. All during his life, Brent had been practicing and performing an act of “mind magic.” It was during an engagement in Las Vegas during his hiatus from the circus that Brent decided he could perform his mental magic show without all the trucks, employees, animals, and overhead, so he sold the circus and began performing his act around the world. He performed his first mentalism act at The Desert Inn Resort in Las Vegas. Brent has performed with a variety of celebrities, including Don Rickles, Chaka Khan, Dionne Warwick, Dolly Parton, and more, and has presented his unique act for stars like Johnny Carson, Shania Twain, Rick Springfield, and Jessica Simpson. Webb tours the United States performing for corporate events, colleges, and hotels and resorts, and is in demand as a motivational speaker, combining his act with the message that “with an open mind, nothing is impossible”. In his program, the spectator’s spontaneous thoughts are captured in an entertaining series of thunderbolt presentations. Birth dates are dramatically revealed. Words randomly selected out of well known books are instantly captured from across the room. After living in Florida and Las Vegas, Brent has returned to live here in his hometown of Ravenna. Brent can be seen locally every month on the Fox 8 television show That’s Life with Robin Swoboda.

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