Doris Wise

Major Contribution to Ravenna Schools

Rausch: Miss Wise Opens the Doors is a book created by students in 1983 when Rausch School was closed. In the book the students described Miss Wise as having a nice warm smile and a twinkle in her eye. Doris was born in Cleveland, Ohio on December 5, 1915. When she was three years old she moved to a small farm on the northwest corner of Lovers Lane and Infirmary road where she still resides. When Miss Wise graduated from Ravenna Township in 1934, she was the Valedictorian and addressed her class. Doris attended Kent State University for two years and received her diploma in 1936. She worked in the dime store until she started teaching in 1937. She had wanted to be a teahcer since she was three. Miss Wise taught any subject in every room at Ravenna Township earning $100 a month, $900 a year with no benefits. Subsequently, she taught second grade. The township school consolidated with Ravenna City in 1960 and was renamed Rausch. In 1981 she moved to West Park and continued to teach second grade. June, 1984 Doris retired with a state credit of 46 1/2 years. During those years she was absent only seven days. Using her teaching skills to the fullest, Miss Wise taught in the Ravenna Methodist Church School for 50 years. She is a life time member of the Portage County Historical Society. In addition to being a member of the Ravenna Balloon-A-Fair Committee, she was a Grand Marshall in 1985. Doris’s most recent adventure was a trip to Israel with her minister, Ron Mowry in January, 1994. Devotedly, Doris Wise has found the answer to a Teacher’s Prayer,

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