H. Larry Brown

Special Honorary Achievement

H. Larry Brown was the Franklin D. Roosevelt of the Ravenna City Schools. Generations of students knew no other leader during their school years. For 23 consecutive years Mr. Brown was Superintendent of Schools and committed a total of 42 years of service to the system, a record not likely ever to be equaled.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1895, his family moved to Ohio where Larry attended school in Columbiana. After high school, Mr. Brown enrolled in Mount Union College. His college years were interrupted by WW I and in his junior year he left to serve the nation. Mr. Brown spent two years in the army seeing action in France. When he returned, he finished his studies and graduated in 1921. His prowess as an athlete during his college years earned him a place in the Mount Union Hall of Fame. Mr. Brown came to the Ravenna Township High School as a teacher of science and a coach. He became principal after just 3 years. One year later he joined the staff at Ravenna City as a teacher of mathematics and coach (of everything!). He became Principal of Ravenna High School the next year, and 14 years later in 1939, H. Larry Brown began his long and illustrious career as Superintendent of Schools. From his position as Superintendent, Mr. Brown led the system to become one of the best academic institutions in the area. With great devotion to his profession and high standards for himself and his teachers, he inspired all who knew and worked with him to do their utmost and made the Ravenna Schools a model for all to emulate.

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