Katherine Francies

Special Honorary Achievement

Katherine Francies was a popular American History teacher at Ravenna High School in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. This energetic teacher began her teaching career in Randolph and Brimfield. After completing her degree at Kent State University, she obtained a teaching job at Ravenna. She taught first at the elementary level, and then moved to junior high before coming to Ravenna High as an English and history teacher. A demanding teacher, she asked a great deal of her students, but she gave back even more. She made her classes interesting with extra projects and stories of her travels to historic spots in the U.S. She inspired her students with her enthusiasm, and encouraged them to move on to higher education. Many of her students have gone on to great careers in government, business and education. She worked tirelessly for the schools, serving as advisor to the Future Teachers of America, and advisor to the junior and senior classes. She worked with the American Field Service program, the Girl Scouts and the American Legion programs for Boys and Girls State. She was awarded the Martha Holden Jennings Scholarship for excellence in education in 1968 and received an award for her leadership in secondary education. The Womanhood Award at Ravenna High School was named for Mrs. Francies at the time of her retirement. In 1989 at the age of 85, she died leaving a legacy of respect and admiration.

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