Leo Schneider

Athletic Accomplishments

Leo Schneider graduated from RHS in 1936. In 1932, at age 14, he began playing football with the Vale Edge Golden Bears football team. The Golden Bears were one of the highest rated midget football teams in Ohio. In one eight-game season, the Golden Bears scored 227 points and their opponents scored zero. Many members of this team attended Ravenna High School and played football during the ensuing years. The 1935 RHS football team was undefeated and untied for their season, and totaled 184 points for Ravenna and 19 points for the opposing teams. The 1935 eleven member All-Ohio football teams were picked from every school in Ohio. There were no divisions of schools according to student population. There were no offense or defense teams or specialties. Leo was selected to the Second Team All-Ohio. Leo was one of 33 players inthe state selected All-State in 1935. Recruiters from many major colleges came to interview Leo, but did not return when they discovered he only weighed 142 pounds. Leo was also captain of the 1936 track team and participated in the 100, 200 and, 400 yard dashes and the broad jump. He earned many points each meet and contributed to the league championship that year. The 1936 RHS class was known as the “Year of the Champions” as they were league champions in football, basketball and track—the only athletics the school participated in at the time. He was elected to the Portage County Sports Hall of Fame in 1986. Leo was the owner of Schneider Realty in Ravenna. He was married to Betty and had three children—Carol, Nancy and Jean—and eight grandchildren. He passed away June 1, 1990.

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