Matthew M. Montecalvo

Major Contribution to Ravenna Schools

Born December 3, 1909 in Vieste, Italy, Matthew Michael Montecalvo was only 18 months old when he and his family moved to Ravenna, a place he would call home for the rest of his life. Lauded for his superstar athletic ability in football, basketball, and track from 1925 to 1928, Monty helped Ravenna High School earn its first football championship as well as three straight basketball championships. Matthew earned a Bachelor of Science degree at Mount Union College and continued his brilliant football career at the college level. After his graduation from Mount Union College, Matthew began coaching all the athletic teams at Danbury High School, garnering respect and attention for his teams’ successes. In 1937, Matthew returned to Ravenna High School as a science teacher and assistant football coach where he would remain for 16 years. After being promoted to head football coach, his teaching career was interrupted by World War II. Matthew served as a Lieutenant in the Navy from 1943 to 1946 before returning to Ravenna High School as director of athletics and faculty manager. Here, Monty would find the time to earn his Master of Science from Kent State University and become an integral part of the Ravenna High School family, respected and loved by both the student body and faculty. In the 1950 Tatler, an entire section is dedicated to the “Jack of all Trades” as the yearbook chronicled a day in the life of Matthew. Each year at RHS, a graduating young man is awarded the Montecalvo Manhood Award for emulating attributes that endeared this outstanding role model to students, teachers and members of the community.

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