Maxwell Riddle

Academic and Career Accomplishments

A 1925 graduate of Ravenna High School and a graduate of the University of Arizona, Maxwell Riddle is unquestionalbly the greatest living authority on dogs. He is the quthor of 14 dog books. His book, “Dogs Through History, ” was nominated by the Dog Writers’ Association of America as the “Best Book of the Year.” Starting out in 1923 as a young journalist with the Ravenna Evening Record, he worked 35 years for the Cleveland Press as a reporter and feature writer, where he authored a nationallly syndicated dog column for 30 years. He has traveled the world judging dog shows, including five times in Japan, twenty-six times in South America, twice in Hong Kong and Sri Lanka, three times in South Africa, three times in Europe, three times in Australia, and innumerable times in the United States and Canada. He is the founder of the Ravenna Kennel Club and has been its’ president for 47 years – a tenure believed to be an American record. A vivid historian on Ravenna, Riddle remembers with an enthusiasm and zest the events of the 1900’s.

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