Senator Robert E. Stockdale

Academic and Career Accomplishments

Robert Stockdale graduated in 1936 from Ravenna High School where he had been active in football, basketball, track and Speech. Continuing his education at Kent State University, he was at the same time elected the youngest member on Ravenna City Council. From Kent he received Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees and later an honorary LLD from Heidelburg College. During WWII he served in the U.S. Marine Corps in the Pacific, rising from a Private to a Captain via promotions in the field. Returning to civilian life, he taught Speech at Paris Twp., Newton Falls and for 2 years at Ravenna High before joining the KSU Speech Dept. His second interest, public service, called him from teaching to the election to the office of Portage County Sheriff as a reform candidate. After 8 years as Sheriff, he moved on to the Ohio State Assembly for one term and 12 years in the Ohio State Senate. His experience in educational matters made his voice to be heeded when he chaired several powerful committees. During this time he also served as Assistant to the Vice Presidnet for Administration and part time professor of Political Science at KSU. Bob was active in both the Ravenna and Kent Methodist Churches, KSU Alumni Association and many service and professional organizations. With his great capacity for hard work, a genuine love of people and fine sense of humor, Bob served his fellow-man well.

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