Kindergarten Kick-Off

Aug 9, 2022

Monday, August 1st  started Kindergarten Kick-Off at West Park School! Forty students are taking advantage of this two week program. The purpose of Kindergarten Kick-Off is to help students get a “jump start” on kindergarten. Students are engaged in a variety of activities that will best prepare them for the opening start of kindergarten. Students are becoming more familiar with the building, and they are also getting a better understanding of the expectations, procedures, and routines at West Park School! We are so happy to provide this opportunity for our students and families. We look forward to all of our students beginning kindergarten on Wednesday, August 24th!

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Summer School Offers Learning and FUN!

Summer School Offers Learning and FUN!

Shout out to Mrs. Susan Huth for coordinating the summer learning program for students in K-12 of the Ravenna School system!!  Pictured are students enjoying the STEM summer learning opportunities at Ravenna High School.