Terrance Talley Hosts Virtual Assembly at RHS for Black History Month

Feb 22, 2021


As part of Black History Month Ravenna High School was treated to an amazing virtual assembly hosted by Terrence Talley.  Terrence spoke to students about adversity and never giving up.  His message was powerful and resonated with our students. Some comments from the students after the virtual assembly were very positive.Terr

  • “I really liked that he talked about the recent events in the United States and how it is   important for all people to stand up for their community.”
  • “We are lucky here at our school to have some diversity and acceptance of different cultures as well as different lifestyles.”
  • We have black kids and white kids here and we all get along because we like each other.”
  • “I liked how he didn’t let his past get the best of him and he was funny.”
  • “He was a black man who spoke with a lot of confidence.”
  • “Being a minority does not mean that you don’t have a voice.”
  • “He talked about being black but also talked about being white and how everyone has diversity and you should not let it define who you are.”
  • “I liked how he said he had a hard time when he was in school and now he goes all over the country speaking to kids.”

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