Job Descriptions


Job descriptions are listed below by title:


1.01Superintendent of Schools
1.03Assistant Superintendent
1.04Director of Business Operations
1.05Director of Student Services
1.06Director of Curriculum and Instruction
1.07Director of Preschool
2.01High School Principal
2.02Middle School Principal
2.03Elementary School Principal
2.05Assistant Principal
2.06Athletic Director
2.07Director of Technology
3.01Coordinator of Transportation
3.03Director of Food Services
4.01Executive Secretary to the Superintendent
4.02Executive Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent
4.03 Executive Secretary to Director of Business Operations
4.04Administrative Secretary for Special Services and Central Registration
4.04.1EMIS Coordinator/Administrative Secretary for Special Services and Central Registration
4.05Executive Secretary to Treasurer and Technology
4.06Payroll Clerk
4.07Assistant Treasurer
4.13High School Secretary – Principal
4.14Middle School Secretary – Principal
4.15Elementary Secretary – Principal
4.16High School Secretary – Attendance/Assistant Principal
4.17.1Attendance Secretary – Middle School
4.19High School Secretary – Guidance
4.22Food Service Secretary
4.24Transportation Secretary
4.25Athletics Secretary (part-time)
5.01Classroom Teacher
5.02Intellectual Disability Teacher (ID)
5.03Gifted and Talented Teacher (G/T)
5.04Specific Learning Disabilities Teacher (SLD)
5.05Multiple Disability Teacher (MD)
5.06Preschool Intervention Specialist
5.07School Psychologist
5.08Speech and Hearing Therapist/Pathologist
5.09Library Media Center Coordinator
5.10School Counselor (Grades K-5)
 School Counselor (Grades 6-8)
5.11School Counselor (Grades 9-12)
5.12Behavior Resource Center Teacher
5.13Social Worker
5.14High School Department Chairperson, Middle School Team Leader, and Elementary Grade Level
5.15School Nurse
5.17Title I Teacher
5.18Technology Integration Coach
5.19Home Instructor
5.21Substitute Classroom Teacher
6.04Multiple Disability (MD) Educational Assistant/Aide
6.05Library Media Center (LMC) Educational Assistant
6.09Study Hall Monitor
7.03Head Custodian – Classification C-1
7.04Head Custodian – Classification C-2
7.05Custodian – Classification C-4
7.06Custodian – Classification C-3
7.07Head Custodian at Stadium C- 2
7.08Warehouse Courier/Custodian
7.09bTechnology Maintenance Technician
8.01School Bus Driver
8.02Head School Bus Mechanic
8.03Assistant School Bus Mechanic
8.04School Bus Attendant
8.05After-Hours Technology Manager – RHS
9.01Food Service Manager
9.02Food Service Assistant Manager
9.04Food Handler
9.05Food Service Truck Driver



                                                                            Academic Supplementals
10.00Coordinator of MusicDistrict
10.01Marching Band (Head)RHS
10.02Wind EnsembleRHS
10.03Concert BandRHS
10.04Assistant Band DirectorRHS
10.05Assistant Marching BandRHS
10.06Jazz BandRHS
10.07Vocal MusicRHS
10.09Vocal MusicBMS
10.10Elementary Vocal/Instrumental (PK-4)District
10.20Academic ChellengeRHS
10.30After School Detention MonitorBMS/RHS
10.40All City Musical DirectorDistrict
10.50Art PresentationDistrict
10.60Builders Club 
10.70Business Club AdvisorRHS
10.80Chess ClubDistrict
10.90Coordinator of ArtDistrict
11.00Coordinator of Library/MediaDistrict
11.10Department HeadsRHS
11.11Department HeadsBMS
11.20Drama CoachRHS
11.30Freshman Class AdvisorRHS
11.40Grade Level ChairsElementary
11.50Industrial Tech MaintenanceRHS
11.60Junior Class AdvisorRHS
11.70Key Club AdvisorRHS
11.80Leadership AdvisorRHS
11.90LPDC ChairpersonDistrict
11.91LPDC MemberDistrict
12.00National Honor SocietyRHS
12.10Newspaper AdvisorRHS
12.11Newspaper AdvisorBMS
12.20Panda AdvisorBMS
12.30Physical Education CoordintorDistrict
12.40Preschool CoordinatorPre-K
12.50SADD AdvisorRHS
12.60Saturday School MonitorRHS
12.70Science FairBMS
12.71Science OlympiadRHS
12.80Senior Class AdvisorRHS
12.90Ski Club AdvisorBMS
12.91Ski Club AdvisorRHS
13.00Sophomore Class AdvisorRHS
13.10Special Ed. RepresentativeDistrict
13.20Student Council AdvisorRHS
13.21Student Council AdvisorBMS
13.30Title 1 Reading/Math NightsDistrict
13.40TV ProductionRHS
13.50Yearbook AdvisorBMS
13.51Yearbook AdvisorRHS
                                                                              Athletic Supplementals
14.00Game Site ManagerRHS
14.10Athletic CoordinatorBMS
14.20Baseball HeadRHS
14.21Baseball AssistantRHS
14.22Baseball FreshmanRHS
14.30Basketball – Boys HeadRHS
14.31Basketball – Boys Asst. CoachRHS
14.32Basketball – Boys -9th GradeRHS
14.33Basketball – Boys 8th GradeBMS
14.34Basketball – Boys 7th GradeBMS
14.35Basketball – Girls HeadRHS
14.36Basketball – Girls Asst. CoachRHS
14.37Basketball – Girls -9th GradeRHS
14.38Basketball – Girls 8th GradeBMS
14.39Basketball – Girls 7th GradeBMS
14.40Bowling – BoysRHS
14.41Bowling – GirlsRHS
14.50Cheerleader Advisor – HeadRHS
14.51Cheerleader Advisor – AssistantRHS
14.52Cheerleader Advisor Grade 7/8BMS
14.60Cross Country – Boys HeadRHS
14.61Cross County – Boys AssistantRHS
14.62Cross Country – Boys MS HeadBMS
14.63Cross Country Combined Boys/Girls HeadRHS
14.64Cross Country – Girls HeadRHS
14.65Cross Country – Girls AssistantRHS
14.66Cross Country – Girls HeadBMS
14.67Cross Country Combined Boys/Girls HeadBMS
14.70Football – HeadRHS
14.71Football Assistant CoachRHS
14.72Football – 9th Grade HeadRHS
14.73Football – 9th Grade AssistantRHS
14.74Football – MS HeadBMS
14.75Football – MS AssistantBMS
14.80Golf Head CoachRHS
14.81Golf Assistant CoachRHS
14.90Soccer Boys HeadRHS
14.91Soccer Boys AssistantRHS
14.92Soccer Boys MS HeadBMS
14.93Soccer Girls HeadRHS
14.94Soccer Girls AssistantRHS
14.95Soccer MS Girls HeadBMS
15.00Softball Head CoachRHS
15.01Softball Assistant CoachRHS
15.10Strength & ConditioningRHS
15.20Tennis Boys HeadRHS
15.21Tennis Boys AssistantRHS
15.22Tennis Girls HeadRHS
15.23Tennis Girls AssistantRHS
15.30Track Boys Head CoachRHS
15.31Track Boys Assistant CoachRHS
15.32Track Boys MS HeadBMS
15.33Track Boys MS Combined Boys/GirlsBMS
15.34Track Girls Head CoachRHS
15.35Track Girls AssistantRHS
15.36Track Girls MS HeadBMS
15.40Volleyball – HeadRHS
15.41Volleyball AssistantRHS
15.42Volleyball – MS HeadBMS
15.43Volleyball – MS AssistantBMS
15.50Wrestling HeadRHS
15.51Wrestling AssistantRHS
15.52Wrestling FreshmanRHS
15.53Wrestling MS HeadBMS
15.54Wrestling MS AssistantBMS


The Ravenna School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, disability, religion, gender, ancestry, age, genetic information, military status or national origin in its programs, activities or employment.