Job Descriptions


Job descriptions are listed below by title:


1.01Superintendent of Schools
1.04Director of Business Operations
1.05Director of Special Services
1.06Director of Instruction and Curriculum
1.07Director of Preschool
2.01High School Principal
2.02Middle School Principal
2.03Elementary School Principal
2.05Assistant Principal
2.06Athletic Director
2.07Director of Technology
3.01Coordinator of Transportation
3.03Coordinator of Student Nutrition
4.01Executive Secretary to the Superintendent (not included)
4.02Executive Secretary to the Director(s) of Teaching and Learning (not included)
4.03 Executive Secretary to Director of Business Operations
4.04Administrative Secretary for Special Services and Central Registration
4.04.1EMIS Coordinator/Administrative Secretary for Special Services and Central Registration
4.05Executive Secretary to Treasurer and Technology
4.06Payroll Clerk
4.07Assistant Treasurer
4.09Accounts Payable
4.13High School Secretary – Principal
4.14Middle School Secretary – Principal
4.15Elementary Secretary – Principal
4.16High School Secretary – Attendance/Assistant Principal
4.17.1Attendance Secretary – Middle School
4.19High School Secretary – Guidance
4.22Food Service Secretary
4.24Transportation Secretary
4.25Athletics Secretary (part-time)
5.01Classroom Teacher
5.02Intellectual Disability Teacher (ID)
5.03Gifted and Talented Teacher (G/T)
5.04Specific Learning Disabilities Teacher (SLD)
5.05Multiple Disability Teacher (MD)
5.06Preschool Intervention Specialist
5.07School Psychologist
5.08Speech and Hearing Therapist/Pathologist
5.09Library Media Center Coordinator
5.10Guidance Counselor (Grades K-5)
Guidance Counselor (Grades 6-8)
5.11Guidance Counselor (Grades 9-12)
5.12Behavior Resource Center Teacher
5.13Social Worker
5.14High School Department Chairperson, Middle School Team Leader, and Elementary Grade Level
5.15School Nurse
5.17Title I Teacher
5.18Technology Integration Coach
5.19Home Instructor
5.21Substitute Classroom Teacher
6.04Multiple Disability (MD) Educational Assistant/Aide
6.05Library Media Center (LMC) Educational Assistant
6.09Study Hall Monitor
7.03Head Custodian – Classification C-1
7.04Head Custodian – Classification C-2
7.05Custodian – Classification C-4
7.06Custodian – Classification C-3
7.07Head Custodian at Stadium C- 2
7.08Warehouse Courier/Custodian
7.09bTechnology Maintenance Technician
8.01School Bus Driver
8.02Head School Bus Mechanic
8.03Assistant School Bus Mechanic
8.04School Bus Attendant
8.05After-Hours Technology Manager – RHS
9.01Head Cook
9.02Assistant Head Cook
9.04Food Handler
9.05Food Service Truck Driver


The Ravenna School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, disability, religion, gender, ancestry, age, genetic information, military status or national origin in its programs, activities or employment.