Anthony Joseph Cacioppo

Academic and Career Accomplishments

Anthony Joseph Cacioppo was a graduate of Ravenna High School, Class of 1941. Following service in the United States Army Air Corp, he resumed his education. Anthony graduated from Kent State University with honors in 1948. He majored in both chemistry and experimental psychology. Anthony’s Ph.D. in behavioral sciences was conferred in 1954 at the University of Iowa. Selected as a Fullbright Scholar, he spent the following year at the University ‘di Roma. Anthony joined Goodyear Aerospace Corporation in 1953. As principal scientist, he developed a laboratory for interdisciplinary research, producing innovations to weapon systems and space engineering. Dr. Cacioppo pioneered the field of man-machine synthesis. Following ten years of pure research, Anthony assumed the position of Chief Scientist for Foreign Technology Division, now the National Air Intelligence Center. While employed for the government, in the areas of sensor data collection and processing, translation data automation and human intelligence collection, he made contributions that greatly affect how we work today. Twice the recipient of the Presidential Rank of Meritorious Executive in the Senior Executive Services, Anthony has earned the highest awards granted a civilian by the Air Force, the Department of Defense, and the Intelligence Community. During retirement, Anthony took a teaching position at Wright State University. At this time, he developed, then obtained accreditation for the Human Factors Engineering Program. The HFE is the only accredited undergraduate program in the United States. Receiving the 1987-88 Teaching Excellence Award from the College of Engineering, Anthony then became the Chair of the Biomedical Engineering and the Human Factors Engineering Departments. Dedicated to teaching, Anthony was a mentor to many.

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