Edith L. Marsh

Academic and Career Accomplishments

After graduating from Ravenna High School in 1910, Edith L. Marsh went on to become a pioneer in the field of home care nursing for the chronically ill.

On the way to this end, however, she spent many distinguishing years in the nursing profession. In 1914, with her nursing degree from Lakeside Hospital in Cleveland, she was among the first nurses to work for the Anti TB League in its fresh air camp for children. For the next 11 years she would expand on this work. Edith Marsh also became an anesthetist and worked at several hospitals before joining the Nurses on Horseback Program in 1931. Later that year she had the opportunity to train as a mid-wife and study abroad. Edith Marsh returned to Ravenna and established a well babies clinic and directed pre-natal classes for expectant mothers through a visiting nurses program. In 1948, she organized and became superintendent of a nursing home for the chronically ill in Cuyahoga county. From these experiences, she wrote Nursing Care in Chronic Disease, the first book of its kind in the field. Edith Marsh worked for the patients she cared for until she could give no more. Her life ended peacefully on June 24, 1950 but her legacy lives on.

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