Ravenna School District


The Role of “Community Kids” in the Classroom

The role of the “Community Kid” in the Preschool classroom is to serve as a role model for children with disabilities.  Through interacting with the typically developing children placed in the program (“Community Kids”), the children with disabilities are provided modeling of appropriate speech, language, play, and social skills.  Because of this, it is essential that “Community Kids” be developing typically in all areas and attend regularly. 

If you would be interested in putting your child on our Community Kid’s waiting list please complete the Pre-Enrollment form under the registration tab.


The parents of all “Community Kids” enrolled in the Early Childhood Education Preschool will be charged a monthly fee for their child’s participation in the program.  Parents will be provided with a copy of the fee policy and will be required to sign a contract regarding payment of fees at the time of enrollment.  Billing of fees will be handled by the Preschool secretary.  Please note that late payments may result in your child losing their slot in our preschool program.

We are pleased once again to offer an incentive for those who are able to pay the entire year’s tuition by August 15th. For those families, one month tuition will be deducted from your total bill. 

For more information please call the Preschool at

(330) 297-4139