Bus Stop and Safety Information

In order to provide our students and drivers with safe transit to and from school each day, we ask that all students adhere to the following safety rules and reminders.


Safety Reminders

  • Enter and leave the bus in an orderly manner
  • Follow the directions of the bus driver at all times
  • Keep the aisles clear
  • Use quiet voices
  • Remain seated until the bus stops
  • No live animals allowed
  • No glass containers allowed
  • No eating or drinking on the bus
Students on a bus or other authorized Board of Education transportation vehicles are under the authority of and directly responsible to the bus/vehicle driver & aide. The driver has the authority to enforce the established regulations for bus/vehicle conduct. Disorderly conduct or refusal to submit to the authority of the driver will be sufficient reason for refusing transportation service to any student. A student may be suspended from school bus/vehicle riding privileges for all or part of a school year for any violation of established regulations for bus conduct and/or conduct occurring on the bus/vehicle in violation of the Student Code of Conduct/Student Discipline Code.