Principal’s Message


Hello RHS Family,

I want to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to the 2022-23 school year.  It is an honor and a privilege to return to the high school as the new Principal.  I previously served as an Assistant Principal at RHS from 2013-16, prior to moving into the role of Principal at Brown Middle School these past six years.  I had the pleasure of working with all current classes at the high school while those groups went through their middle school years, and I look forward to resuming those relationships with our students and their families.  It is our vision at RHS that all of our students have access to the best academic experience possible.  We will also strive to offer our students rewarding opportunities within our extra-curricular offerings, and our group and club offerings, so that all students may truly feel that they are members of a school community, rather than simply attending school.  The goal for ALL RHS students will be to graduate on schedule, and to be prepared for their future by being enrolled, enlisted or employed by the time they walk across the stage at commencement.  The four years of high school make up such a small percentage of one’s life journey, yet those four years can and should build a foundation that can be built upon for the decades that follow.  I am dedicated to the tasks at hand, and look forward to a continued partnership with our students, parents, and the Ravenna community!

Jonathan Lane, Principal

Ravenna High School