Principal’s Message


Hello RHS Family, 

As I stated back at the beginning of the school year, it is an honor and a privilege to serve as the Principal of Ravenna High School. It has been a pleasure to continue to re-establish the relationships I had built with our students during their middle school years. It has also been meaningful to reset our focus at RHS to a simple formula for success, which is Attendance + Behavior = Achievement. 

On the attendance front, we are constantly tracking student attendance, and establishing relationships with families of students who are at risk for chronic absenteeism, so that we can create clear plans for these students in order to improve attendance. In order to continue our partnership with parents related to student attendance, we are sending automated messages to parents anytime their RHS student is absent from or tardy getting to school. On the behavior front, we intervene when needed to address behavior concerns, and include families in our response. We believe in praising our students, as well as holding them accountable while utilizing restorative practices when possible to truly address the root cause of any behavior that may disrupt instruction. Finally, on the achievement front, we are diligently working to utilize data collected from various assessment sources so that we can address learning gaps that our students may present. We are committed to offering targeted academic interventions for our students both within the classroom, and during Raven Pride Time, which is our daily intervention period. 

Our main goal remains for ALL RHS students to graduate on schedule with their grade level peers, and to be prepared for their futures by being enrolled, enlisted, or employed by the time they walk across the stage at commencement in late May. We continue to be dedicated to the important work at hand, and look forward to our continued partnership with our students, parents, and the Ravenna community! 

Jonathan Lane, Principal 

Ravenna High School 



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