Kindergarten Activities


Activities parents can do with their incoming kindergarteners:


Ten Things Your Child Should Know for Kindergarten…

  1. Say his or her first and last name when asked.
  2. Recognize and write his or her name.
  3. When looking at a book, your child should hold the book correctly, turn the pages correctly, and tell what is happening in the pictures.
  4. Identify colors in the basic box of 8 crayons.
  5. Count to 20.
  6. Identify some letters and numbers; for example, name the letters in his or her name, or the numerals in your address.
  7. Sort objects into groups:  for example, separate forks from spoons while putting away dishes.
  8. Ask for help when he or she needs it.
  9. Use the restroom independently, including washing hands (although he/she might need help fastening pants).
  10. Identify shapes:  circle, triangle, rectangle and square. 

If Your Child Already Knows the Ten Things…

Great!  Your child is well on his/her way to a great kindergarten experience!  Here are some additional things you can work on.  The most important thing for you to do is spend time with your child reading, talking, coloring, listening, playing and enjoying!

  1. Recognize environmental print: for example, read signs such as McDonalds, Walmart, stop signs, etc.
  2. Make predictions about what will happen next in a story.
  3. Practice writing letters and numbers on blank paper, magna doodles, dry erase boards, etc.
  4. Count sets of objects.
  5. Draw a picture and use it to tell a story to an adult.