Open Enrollment


Application for Admission (for non residents of Ravenna)

Applications for admission from students from other Ohio districts may be submitted to the Assistant Superintendent in this District through the Central Registration office located at 3590 SR 59 in Ravenna.

Applications from students from other Ohio districts will not be considered until August 15th.

Other enrollment factors being equal, students from other Ohio districts will be accepted on the basis of the date of receipt of the application. Revocations of application or transfers back to the students’ home schools will be in reverse order of date received.

The parents of the student from another Ohio district will be notified, of their acceptance by the Assistant Superintendent no later than August 15th.

Enrollment in a program or school shall be subject to an agreement that transportation of the student from another Ohio district to the school or to a scheduled in-District bus stop is provided for by the student, his/her parents, or the other Ohio district. Exceptions to this requirement may need to be made for disabled students.

Applications from students from other Ohio districts may also be rejected if the student has been suspended or expelled for ten (10) consecutive days or more during the semester of application or the preceding semester.

No open enrollment requests for kindergarten will be considered unless an older sibling is also making application to the District for open enrollment.

Inter-District Open Enrollment Application 2020-2021

If you have any further questions regarding open enrollment, you may contact the Central Registration Office ~ (330) 297-6708 FAX (330) 297-7605